First BreathTM nCPAP

Complete Respiratory Support

The First Breath™ nCPAP is the next step in neonatal non-invasive support

The First Breath™ nCPAP Generator builds on the experience of the past to allow caregivers a
cost-effective solution for supporting premature and sick babies.


Many pre-term babies will require respiratory support once they are born.

Nasal CPAP has been shown to support early extubation and weaning from ventilators and prevent babies needing further ventilation.

The First Breath™ nCPAP Generator benefits from established fluidic principles to provide non-invasive respiratory support. The fluidic flip technology is clinically proven, field-tested and has shown in mechanical lung studies to significantly reduce imposed Work Of Breathing (iWOB).

First Breath™ provides the patient with optimally heated and humidified gases

The circuits are suitable for conventional ET ventilation, oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation in single-limb and dual-limb modes. Each circuit is single patient use and can be adapted easily to meet the needs of the patient.

First BreathTM Headgear

  • Available in five sizes
  • Designed to adjust to the perfect fit
  • Designed for a fast and reliable fit
  • Enables access to scalp
  • Single point of fixation designed to aid alignment
  • Attachment block designed to transfer weight from nasal area
  • Made with soft biocompatible materials for patient comfort

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