Inspire nCPAP Circuits

Nasal CPAP for treating infants has developed a great deal in the past 20 years with many devices now being available. Inspire nCPAP™ from Inspiration Healthcare builds on the experience of the past to allow care-givers a cost effective solution for supporting the respiratory compromised infant. 

nCPAP works well when the Added Work Of Breathing is reduced ensuring the infants do not tire so quickly and allowing them to use energy to grow. Using established fluidic principles, the Inspire nCPAP™ range is more effective than traditional methods of delivering nCPAP.


The Inspire nCPAP™ range of breathing circuits are compatible with the majority of flow drivers and humidifier systems found in the neonatal intensive care area. Curly heated wire technology helps reduce condensation (rainout) delivering
optimum humidification to the infant.

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