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A supportive tool during child birth

With an increasing focus being placed on addressing pain in obstetrics and producing a higher degree of maternal comfort during and after labour, we offer infusion devices that enable improved patient experiences.

Rythmic™ Evolution Yellow

Ambulatory Infusion Pump

Rythmic™ Evolution, is available in a yellow color-coded device that meets safety standards for regional analgesia applications. With the added benefit of Programmed Intermittent Epidural Boluses (PIEB) technology, Rythmic™ Evolution enhances mobility during childbirth, offering a more comfortable experience with less complications.


Infusion Remote Monitoring System

Every patient journey is different, but with the MicrelCare our web-based clinical information system, healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses can have instant access to the infusion information of their patients and monitor their ongoing infusions in near time.

Connected health – anywhere, anytime!

Training & Service

At Inspiration Healthcare we are  passionate about ensuring that end users feel competent and empowered to use their infusion device safely. That’s why we work in partnership with clinical teams to identify any particular training needs you may have. 

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Acute Pain Management




Starting with the first breath of life

The LifeStartTM cart enables clinicians to provide optimal care to the baby, whilst allowing parent to remain in a close proximity, whilst allowing clinicians to facilitate Deferred Cord Clamping.

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