Airon Corporation joins the Inspiration Healthcare Group family

Inspiration Healthcare Group are delighted to announce the recent acquisition of Airon Corporation, a specialist respiratory device company based in Florida, USA. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for the Group as we expand our global presence and enhance our product offerings.

Airon Corporation is recognised as a leading manufacturer of specialist pneumatic oxygen-powered life support ventilators. These devices have diverse applications, including use in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines and transportation for neonates to adults. The company also offers a range of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, crucial in emergency medicine for supporting children and adult patients.

The benefits of this enlarged group include an established operation in Melbourne, Florida, with warehousing facilities and an experienced sales team. Airon’s recognised brand, and distributor network targeting the same customers, paired with their FDA-cleared products will allow us to fuel growth in the US market and enhance international sales channels. Additionally, the acquisition supports Inspiration Healthcare’s commercial strategy in Canada.

This strategic acquisition aligns perfectly with Inspiration Healthcare Group’s long-term growth strategy.

Neil Campbell, CEO had this to say about the acquisition: “The acquisition of Airon is an important strategic milestone for Inspiration Healthcare. The potential approval of the SLE6000 represents a significant commercial opportunity and Airon gives the Group an established direct presence and expertise in the USA, which will accelerate and de-risk our commercial strategy. Airon also brings a range of complementary products, which will further enhance our portfolio and enable us to increase sales in other markets. I am delighted to welcome the Airon team to Inspiration Healthcare and look forward to working together to provide lifesaving technologies to the US market.”

To find out more about Airon, click here to visit their website.