Celebrating 30 Years of the SATA Fellowship

October 26, 2023

This year marks three decades since SLE Ltd, which is now part of Inspiration Healthcare Group, established the pioneering SATA Fellowship in partnership with Tokibo and Kings College Hospital (KCH). For over 30 years, this program has fostered international collaboration and leadership development in neonatal respiratory care.

In the late 1980s, Tokibo were SLE’s exclusive distributor in Japan, and SLE recognised an opportunity. At that time High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation (HFOV) was not widely adopted throughout Japan. SLE aimed to introduce this technique through hands-on clinical training with global expert Professor Anne Greenough at KCH in London in the hope that this may support the spread of HFOV in Japan. And so, the idea for the SATA Fellowship was born.

Each year, we have sponsored one up-and-coming Neonatologist to travel and reside in the UK for a three-month internship at KCH with a focus on HFOV and various other topics surrounding neonatal respiratory medicine. Over three decades, interns have gained invaluable training from some of the world’s top experts while advancing neonatal care back home. They’ve also formed lasting personal and professional bonds across borders. At Inspiration Healthcare Group, we’re proud of the impact this fellowship with SATA has made over three decades. By facilitating international collaboration between talented physicians, we aim to seamlessly connect communities and constantly improve care for tiny patients worldwide. We look forward to its continued growth for many years to come.