Han Week 2019

Inspiration Healthcare are supporting HAN Week 2019! HAN Week is running from 5th – 9th August and is run annually by PINNT. For more information on HAN Week, please visit the PINNT website here.

We are the UK and Ireland Distributors for the Micrel PN+ Pump and accessories. We have a dedicated team who deal directly with Micrel. Our sales office ensures that when products are ordered from the Homecare Companies, they are sent out as soon as possible. The warehouse team are responsible for packing all of the orders up. Our Product Specialist Katie support trainers Debbie, Carrie, Clare and Lisa who visit patients, carers and nurses to carry out training on the Micrel PN+ Pump. Finally, we have our very dedicated Homecare Manager, Moira, who’s role it is to work with hospitals, homecare companies, patients, carers and nurses to make sure we give everyone the correct information and training as needed. We all work together as a team, making sure we do what we can, when we can, and we do it right!