Inspiration Healthcare Group Donates Air/Oxygen Blenders to India

Inspiration Healthcare Group is deeply saddened by how the Covid-19 pandemic is affecting those in India right now. The scenes we have seen in the news and online are frightening, and we want to help. 

This week, we have donated a number of air/oxygen blenders to our partner in India, Wipro GE, to distribute these into hospitals which need them most. These will be fast tracked to India, to ensure patients get the treatment they so desperately need.

So, what exactly is an air/oxygen blender?
Blenders can provide mixed air and oxygen in a safe, easy, and controlled manner in critical care units. The Inspiration Healthcare blender can be configured to drive adult CPAP or High Flow treatment. High flow oxygen therapy (HFOT) is a form of respiratory support used in the hospitals where oxygen is delivered to a patient at a higher flow, rather than that traditionally delivered in oxygen therapy.

Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.