ALGOPEDOL® Sucrose 24% Solution 2.0mls

Sucrose can be used to help calm and comfort stressed babies when they are undergoing painful procedures including heel pricks and eye exams. Many centres around the world routinely give a few drops of sucrose solution into the baby’s mouth a couple of minutes before the painful procedure. Scientific evidence has shown that small babies feel procedural pain very acutely and that it causes rise in heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels. Sterile packaged under Pharmaceutical GMP no bacteria growth. 3-year shelf life. Simple & convenient to use.


In conjunction with non-nutritive sucking, ALGOPEDOL® helps to calm and soothe preterm
and term infants during painful procedures like:

  • Arterial or venous blood draw,
  • Blood sugar level test,
  • immunization,
  • Adhesive tape removal,
  • Dressing change, weight check,
  • X-Ray providing discomfort.

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Pain Management & Developmental, Neonatal