BlenderBuddy 2

Ensure the blender is delivering an accurate mixture

Every Blender Needs a Buddy

The BlenderBuddy 2 attaches to a blender to simplify integrating an FiO2 analyzer or monitor through a universal DISS outlet port to provide added visibility of the delivered FiO2.

It is equipped with a sample gas analysis port, enabling the placement of an oxygen analyzer to ensure the blender is delivering an accurate mixture.

Confidence in what is being delivered

It’s recommended and stated in literature from AARC(1) and the European Respiratory Society, that delivered gas should be checked by a calibrated analyzer frequently; Once a day in most instances. The BlenderBuddy 2 gives caregivers the ability to spot check prescribed gas easily and accurately.

The built-in oxygen analysis port is upstream from the patient and other delivery systems. This keeps the oxygen analyzer free from humidity or other contaminants downstream.

Integration Keeps Oxygen Delivery Set-Up in One Place

With a combined set-up, the chances of equipment going missing are reduced since a completed set-up for oxygen delivery and analyzation are in one integrated solution.

The dedicated oxygen analysis port and integrated flow meter keeps your equipment exactly where it needs to be; connected to the blender. Whether the blender is mounted on a wall or pole, allowing the products to be attached reduces the chance of pieces and parts being misplaced, ensuring everything that’s needed for O2 analysis stays in place.