Dealing with nasal septal breakdown?
Before you switch nasal prongs, try Cannulaide.
Many hospitals have switched from one brand of nasal prong to another,
looking for a way to reduce nasal septal breakdown. Some have found an
improvement while others have not. In our experience this seems to be
independent of the brand of nasal prong. Each one has its strengths and
Keys to success in nCPAP
1. Maintain the pressure seal.
2. Keep the prongs from irritating the skin.
Cannulaide addresses both.


Sized to fit the prongs
You pick the nasal prongs to fit the baby’s nares. Without the Cannulaide,
the prongs can dilate the nares within hours, forcing you to switch
to a larger size prong in order to maintain a pressure seal. With the
Cannulaide, the prongs don’t have to touch the skin in order to make a
good seal.
Less irritation plus a better, more consistent, and longer lasting seal with
the proper size prongs all along.
A consistent seal aids in the continuous, progressive recruitment of alveoli.
Fixes the prongs in place
Cannulaide’s gentle hydrocolloid adhesive plus low profile, soft Velcro
holds the prongs in place, yet allows you to remove the prongs for
It also keeps the cannula barrel away from the septum, plus it reduces
the application and removal of adhesives. (The Velcro can also be used to
secure an OG tube, eliminating yet another adhesive.)

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