The lightweight and compact CosyTherm2 controller is ideally suited for use in delivery suites, maternity wards, neonatal intensive care departments and special care baby units. The pastel colours and silent operation make the CosyTherm2 an unobtrusive device for maintaining normothermia in this unique care setting.

The risk of hypothermia in the delivery suite has also been well documented. The CosyTherm2 Patient Warming System has been designed to fit the LifeStart™ neonatal bedside resuscitation unit as part of introducing thermal support at the earliest opportunity.

Management of body temperature in neonates is often challenging. Active warming of pre-term infants can reduce complications and improve outcomes. We have introduced a variant to our existing Patient Warming System specifically designed for neonatal application.

Please note, the CosyTherm2 controller is end of production and we have a very limited number of these left. Please contact your local Inspiration Healthcare contact for availability. We will continue to provide service support for the controller and mattresses as well as providing training as required.

Please note, some products may not be available in your area. Please contact your local Sales Manager to find out more.


This technology provides a simple, effective and affordable solution for all these clinical environments and for the active mitigation of potential inadvertent hypothermia, wherever it may occur.

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