IncuCap incubator and phototherapy covers are made of a 3-layered functional specialty knit fabric. A highly elastic, breathable membrane in the core assures the incubator cover’s imperviousness to light. The 3D knit spacing fabric underneath ensures optimum noise attenuation, provides an anti-slip effect and permanently retains the cover’s shape. Additionally, the material is characterised by low weight. Tiny silver ions on the textile fibre do not give pathogens the slightest chance. When a germ hits the textile surface the silver ions interfere with its cell physiology, resulting in an interruption of the cell’s metabolism and ultimate death. The effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific research.


The anti-slip (silicone) interior lining is neutral so that the child can be evaluated without any interfering influences. Access to the infant is flexible and ensured by 4 side and 2 head/foot flaps. Optionally available with an opening flap for phototherapy lamps.

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Pain Management & Developmental, Neonatal