Inspire nCPAP

Nasal CPAP, used for treating infants, has developed a great deal in the past 20 years with many devices now available.  Inspire nCPAP™ from Inspiration Healthcare builds on the experience of the past to provide caregivers with a cost effective solution for supporting the respiratory compromised infant.


Fresh gas is accelerated through small entrance tubes, it enters the internal chamber at a certain angle, allowing it to become unstable and to follow the path of least resistance. As the baby inhales, fresh gas is directed towards the infant. As inspiration ends, the flow is flipped around and leaves the generator through the expiratory tube effectively creating active expiration.

The expiratory tube also acts as a reservoir of fresh gas, therefore should the infant’s peak flow demand rise above the delivered flow, gas will be entrained from the expiratory tube, allowing the infants peak flow requirement to be satisfied.


  • nCPAP is proven to be beneficial in supporting infants with respiratory problems
  • Comprehensive range of prongs and masks
  • Masks and prongs are colour-coded for ease of recognition and use
  • Designed using proven fluidic principles
  • Simple fixation with bonnets to fit most infants
  • Inspire generators are available with and without patient delivery circuits for greater flexibility

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