Positioning aid & pressure relief

Give every baby the benefit of gentle but stable positioning

Safe, developmentally supportive and durable head positioning system and stabilisation aid for premature babies and newborns. Soft, comfortable support for the baby‘s head and reliable positioning aid for mid-head position and therapeutic interventions

Soft, comfortable support for the baby‘s head

• Helps minimise head deformation and skin abrasion

• Helps relieve pressure and promotes correct positioning

• The tested gel is guaranteed free of mould and bacteria

• Easy cleaning of the gel ring – use for up to one year under normal conditions

• All materials are tested and selected according to the soft skin of premature babies

Product Specifications:

Soft gel storage ring made of TG Pur Gel; outer material: biocompatible PU film: The inner core of MedibinoNEO® is non-sterile. It can be disinfected by wiping and is suitable for cleaning with commercially available disinfectants. Shelf life is 24 months; application period from first use is 12 months. 

Disposable covers made of cotton knit, medically tested: The disposable covers are designed for single use.


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