Mini Whiskers®

Nasal cannula securement device

Mini Whiskers® are the industry’s first cannula securement product tailored specifically for babies less than 2000g. The product is designed for the best care in prevention of skin irritations and breakdowns. For those NICU’s and caregivers who demand only the best care for their little ones.

Mini Whiskers® are designed to be placed on an infant’s upper lip and cheeks allowing tubing such as a nasal cannula to be secured in position in the nares. They can also be applied below the lower lip to secure an OG tube, or anywhere on the cheek that is appropriate to secure an OG or NG tube. Mini Whiskers®, in effect, suspend tubing above the skin rather than fixing it on the skin.

The product is a single-use, disposable device. Mini Whiskers® are intended for use as an accessory to nasal cannulae (prongs) and feeding tubes. Mini Whiskers® may be used any time nasal cannulae, or nasal or oral feeding tubes are used. Mini Whiskers® should be used only by trained personnel. These personnel should be trained in neonatal care and additionally trained by reading the instruction sheet for Mini Whiskers®.


• Attaches with gentle, non-irritating hydrocolloid adhesive
• Help keep cannula in place directly under infant’s nose with soft, lowprofile Velcro®
• Allows for easy repositioning of cannula
• One size fits all
• Can be used for securing OG/NG tubes
• Length: 1.4”, Width: 0.5”, Thickness: 1mm
• Weight: 181g (per box of 20 pouches)
• Material: Polyurethane plastic, pectin-based hydrocolloid
• Operating Temperature: 0ºC-45ºC
• Mini Whiskers™ are translucent, white-coloured, flexible, curved,
teardrop-shaped pieces of Velcro hook attached to a hydrocolloid
adhesive backing.
• Mini Whiskers™ are hypoallergenic and latex free

Also Available: Sticky Whiskers®

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Intensive Care, Respiratory, Neonatal