Ohio Medical MRI Compatible Vacuum Regulators

Ohio Medical manufacture a number of Continuous and Intermittent Vacuum Regulators to be suitable for use in MRI rooms (up to a 3T environement – use only outside of the MRI scanner). These Vacuum Regulators feature the same innovative features as the rest of the Ohio Medical range, however they utilise fittings and adapters with mild magnetic attraction and conform to the guidelines recommended by the FDA and ASTM.


Ohio Medical MR Conditional Vacuum Regulators Features

  • Ohio’s patented Push-To-Set technology for accuracy and safety
  • Quick-To-Max – 2 turns to full wall vacuum for emergency resuscitation
  • Impact resistant, corrosion-free, rugged construction
  • Easy-to-read, colour-coded gauge ranges
  • Glow-in-the-dark gauge needle and increments (Analog-only)
  • Positive Pressure Safety Relief Valve – This feature will vent positive pressure and help prevent patient injury and regulator damage in case of accidental connection to pressurized gas (O2 Medical Air)

The Vacuum Regulators noted above as MR conditional conform to the guidelines recommended by the FDA and ASTM in a 3T environment (outside MR scanner bore). Fittings and adapters fitted to this product may have mild magnetic attraction. To ensure MR compatibility, only adapters and fittings tested and designated by Ohio Medical® for the configurations listed as MR conditional should be used. Any substitution or change must be evaluated in accordance with your hospital policy. Regulators with digital displays are NOT MR conditional.