Phototherapy Wrap BiliTex®

Effectiveness, combined with security and stability with the Bilitex® positioning aid has been specifically developed for phototherapy. During therapeutic phototherapy phases the infants are prone to stretch patterns and nervous movements due to lack of muscle tone and the unbounded surroundings. This expends a lot of energy. With the Bilitex® positioning aid the preemie experiences a secure and flexible environment during the therapy, which allows the infant to adopt a relaxed position. The innovative textile material features a special mesh structure with 85% permeability to the high-intensity radiation spectrum. In addition, the knit fabric is very soft, thermostatic and breathable. Available in 5 sizes: S 800g – 1,200g, L >1,200g – 2,000g, XL >2,000g – 3,000g, XXL >3,000g

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Pain Management & Developmental, Neonatal