R S Traveller

The first journey in safety and comfort using our innovative Traveller RS restraint system for mobile incubators. Quickly and easily connected to the mobile unit, it provides the tiny patient with a reassuring sense of security and comfort. Individually adjustable straps stabilise and support the infant’s position. The purpose-developed mattress material ensures effective vibration damping. The head and foot pieces can be individually adjusted to the baby’s specific situation and thus help to reduce sensory overstimulation during transport. The Traveller RS is crash tested and complies with the DIN EN 1789:2007+A2:2014 and DIN EN 13976-2:2018 Chapter 4.11 standards as a restraint system for infants in ambulances as well as with EASA CS-23-561, EASA CS-25-561, EASA CS-27-561 and EASA CS-29-561 for air transport. Reusable and, for hygienic treatment, washable at 70°C and suitable for tumble drying. Available for incubator models Dräger TI500, Atom V-808 and International Biomedical Airborne

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Transport, Neonatal