SLE1000 nCPAP Generator

Nasal CPAP for treating babies has developed a great deal in the past 20 years with many devices now being available. The SLE1000 nCPAP Generator builds on the experience of the past to allow caregivers a cost-effective solution for supporting premature and sick babies.

Many pre-term babies will require respiratory support once they are born. Nasal CPAP can help early extubation and weaning from ventilators and prevent babies needing further ventilation.

The SLE1000 nCPAP Generator from SLE, consists of a nCPAP generator that benefits from established fluidic principles to provide a noninvasive respiratory support to the neonate, along with circuits, bonnets, masks and prongs to facilitate ease of use.

Used with an SLE1000 CPAP driver the combination gives excellent levels of stability during CPAP.


  • Designed using proven fluidic principles
  • New Bonnets – Simple to use with familiar colour coding.
  • Generators are available with and without heated delivery circuit for greater flexibility
  • Comprehensive range of prongs and masks
  • Proven Technology – The fluidic logic in the generator has been developed from known principles
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Can reduce Work of Breathing
  • Works with most CPAP drivers
  • Ensures there is a stable Constant Positive Airway Pressure
  • Follows known relationship between flow and pressure
  • Can help prevent re-intubation
  • Can facilitate early extubation
  • Every generator is 100% flow tested
  • Fewer buttonholes on bonnets reduce time in set-up and keep good fixation
  • Simple fixation with bonnets to fit most babies
  • Flexible purchasing – buy generators with or without circuits, etc

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