The SLE5000 provides Conventional ventilation plus High Frequency Oscillation (HFOV) to ventilate infants from 300g . The system offers the capability to set breath higher rates, airway pressures and volume control (VTV) for protective ventilation and to enable effective gas exchange O2/CO2.

SLE5000 uses a unique valveless system that provides both standard ventilation and HFOV parameters  with ‘active exhalation’2for the care of infants in the NICU.

    • Full colour, touch-screen operation
    • Integral flow monitoring and lung mechanics and displaying of loops and waveforms
    • Trending of measured parameters
    • Standard patient circuit for all modes including HFO
    • Integral battery with up to 60 minutes operating capability


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Areas of Care

Intensive Care, Respiratory, Neonatal