Portable LED light source for locating blood vessels

Enhanced Vein Visualisation

The VENOray is a simple, non-invasive, and helpful assistance in paediatric peripheral venous cannulations*.
Its small design enables close positioning of the baby and of the baby’s hand on the device.

Reduced Number of Puncture Attempts

By providing clear visibility of the veins, the device significantly reduces the number of puncture attempts needed, minimising discomfort and potential trauma to the neonate*.

Fewer attempts mean a lower risk of complications associated with venipuncture, leading to safer procedures and better outcomes*.


Better Parental Confidence

Demonstrating the use of advanced, pain-reducing technology can improve parents’ confidence in the care their child receives, enhancing the overall hospital experience*.

Efficiency in Care Delivery

Streamlining the process of venipuncture allows healthcare professionals to provide faster, more efficient care, improving workflow and patient satisfaction*.

The VENOray can be used in conjunction with the Wrabbit, in the delivery room. The Wrabbit plastic wrap is a solution designed to help deliver clinical benefits to the most vulnerable newborns. 

*references on requests


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