Inspiration Healthcare Sponsors Fundraising Activity

Inspiration Healthcare were delighted to be able to sponsor a recent fundraising activity.

Bethia and James (pictured below) recently took part in a static bike ride to raise money for St. Mark’s Hospital. They cycled the distance of London to Sicily, all within their own home, cycling 20 miles a day each for 42 days consecutively reaching a total of 1,685 miles!

They chose to raise money for St. Mark’s Hospital as it is the reason that Bethia is alive and able to enjoy the life that she leads today. In 2014, Bethia was diagnosed with SBS (Short Bowel Syndrome). Her local hospital was unable to provide her with nutrition support with parenteral nutrition as her major veins had been occluded with blood clots, meaning they were been unable to insert a central venous catheter. After being left feeling hopeless, Bethia was referred to St. Mark’s Hospital in London where they successfully stented a vein, giving access for a Hickman line for parenteral nutrition.

Bethia stated that the dedication and persistence from St. Mark’s Hospital has given her back her life. “In the 6 years since St. Mark’s hard work and expertise enabled me to start nightly parenteral nutrition, I have gone from fearing that I would not reach my 22nd birthday, to instead, quickly reaching a normal BMI again, completing a BSc, getting back into my favourite sports, moving to London to complete my medical degree, meeting my now fiancé James, having the opportunity to travel abroad, and working full time in a busy job as a junior doctor.

The continued care and support that they give me, and so many others is extra-ordinary, and the innovative research that they undertake into bowel disease could further save/improve the lives of so many more people in the future. St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation’s vision is for a future free from bowel disease…I can think of no better charity to support.”

The pair aim to raise enough funds to support and help with St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation’s innovative research, and to help raise awareness of complex bowel disease. Click here for the fundraiser.

More information on St. Mark’s Hospital and the work they do can be found here.