Starting with the first breath of life

Family Centred Care

LifeStartTM provides optimal care to the baby within proximity to the mother and birth partner, allowing family members to stay together for mutual comfort, without having to be separated from their baby.


Benefits of LifeStartTM

Adjustable height 
Easily adapts to all sides of delivery beds, or theatre table, without obstructing clinicians or vital equipment.

Intact cord timer unit 
Isolated timer unit to monitor deferred cord clamping duration from birth

Ergonomically designed platform 
Designed to suit most delivery positions. Platform offers raised edges to secure neonate and mattress in position. The compact design also means minimal storage space and allows it to be transported and through narrow corridors, doorways and delivery rooms/operating theatres.

Deferred Cord Clamping

Deferred Cord Clamping (DCC) can increase haemoglobin concentrations, enable babies to have a greater vascular stability, whilst decreasing the risk of iron deficiency, Late onset Sepsis and Intraventricular haemorrhages1,2. DDC has no effect on maternal bleeding or length of labour2.

1 NICE guidelines
2 WHO Guidelines


Bedside Resuscitation

The need for suitable bedside resuscitation solution has been reflected in all major resus guidelines.

The LifeStartTM  can assist as an over the bed neonatal platform and mounting solution, with added optional accessories such as suctioning, thermo regulation and air/oxygen blender.


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