Micropump™ MP mlh+

Syringe driver

Designed for real life

The MP mlh+ is suitable for both homecare and hospital treatments for pain management and immunoglobulin therapy.

A clear informative display giving easy alarm identification with a dual micro-processor construction gives the user confidence in drug delivery applications requiring portability. Adjustable occlusion settings to match specific drug therapies are also available.

-Use any manufacturer’s standard syringes (i.e. BD, Terumo, BBraun etc.) from 10 to 50ml

-Event history log to store and review pump activities when needed

-Configurable options to customize functions and reduce the risk of rate setting errors

-Anti-tampering features including keypad lock and fixed rate options



Simple ml/hr set up
Long service interval
Outstanding battery autonomy
A variety of syringe sizes and brands can be used

Key Specifications

  • Weight 220g (Including batteries)
  • Battery life – More than 70 full infusions at intermediate rate
  • Accuracy – +/-2%
  • Rate – 0.1-33.00 ml/hr (for BD 20ml) in 0.1 ml/hr steps
  • Dimensions – 170 x 61 x 32 mm

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