Immunoglobulin Therapy


For the treatment of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, Micrel medical devices offer the Mini Rythmic™ PN+ peristaltic infusion pump and the MP mlh+ syringe driver to exceed the expected safety, reliability and comfort requested by medical staff and patients.

Mini Rythmic™ PN+

Ambulatory Infusion Pump

For patients that depend on their pump for all of their nutritional needs, the Mini Rythmic™ PN+ makes nutritional infusion simple and safe.

Micropump™ MP mlh+

Syringe Driver

The MP mlh+ is suitable for both homecare and hospital treatments for pain management and immunoglobulin therapy. The portable syringe driver designed for simplicity and freedom.


Infusion Remote Monitoring System

Every patient journey is different, but with the MICRELCARE our web-based clinical information system, healthcare professionals, doctors and nurses can have instant access to the infusion information of their patients and monitor their ongoing infusions in near time.

Connected health – anywhere, anytime!

Training & Service

At Inspiration Healthcare we are  passionate about ensuring that end users feel competent and empowered to use their infusion device safely. That’s why we work in partnership with clinical teams to identify any particular training needs you may have. 




MPMlh+ Syringe Driver



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