Our extended SLE6000 Range

SLE6000H, SLE6000C & SLE6000N

Introducing the SLE6000H, SLE6000C and SLE6000N 

Infant ventilation care systems, now with high visibility capacitive screen and versions to fit all level of cares

The top specification SLE6000H ventilator delivers infant respiratory support across the care spectrum including High Frequency Oscillation (HFOV) and HFOV volume control plus all conventional and non-invasive ventilation modes. The 1-2-3 step operation and circuit configuration provide continuity in critical care through step down care areas. The active Inspiration and expiration valveless delivery system in the SLE6000 in HFOV modes enables clinicians to set the Frequency MAP and dP to meet CO2 clearance and O2 delivery precisely – with the power and flexibility to support infants from 300g. Plus the added benefit of Volume targeting and automated FiO2 control.

SLE6000H and SLE6000C both offer volume targeting enables in invasive modes to enable every clinician to provide lung protective ventilation and to optimise support for O2 delivery, recruitment and CO2 clearance.

SLE6000N or solution for step down and kangaroo care for the growing infant needing that extra support is a full specification non-invasive ventilator with the added benefit of SpO2 and automated FIO2 control through OxyGenie®.