Micrel Rythmic™ Evolution Blue

Rythmic™ Evolution is an ambulatory infusion pump designed to meet the safety, reliability and comfort that HCPs and patients expect.  

Rythmic™ Evolution Blue has been designed to ensure improved patient experience while enabling Health Care Professional (HCPs) to deliver optimal patient care without compromise. 

A truly ambulatory solution for Acute and Palliative Care management, as well as other continuous infusion therapies such as Antibiotic Infusion, Cystic Fibrosis, Primary Pulmonary Hypertension, IVIG is provided by our Rythmic™ Evolution Range. 

 With its innovative features, accessories, and delivery systems, Rythmic™ Evolution offers a innovative approach to managing chronic, palliative, and post-operative pain. 

Experience the best in ambulatory infusion with Rythmic™ Evolution. Contact us today to learn more. 



Easy to use
Highly Portable
Outstanding battery life
Improved safety – Lockable intergrated container
Remote infusion monitoring

Key Specifications

Weight 300g (Mini Rythmic model)

Battery life – 9 days at 2ml/hr

Accuracy +/- 5%

Lockable protective cover – for drug container

Automatic restart after occlusion release

Air in line elimination filers 0.2μm

Rythmic™ Evolution Blue Family

Rythmic™ Evolution Blue 100ml
Rythmic™ Evolution Blue 200ml
Rythmic™ Evolution Blue Organiser 500ml

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