Respiratory Care

Respiratory care, starting from the first breaths of life

We have developed and manufactured respiratory equipment since 1977. Nurturing close relationships with leading universities, hospitals and industry specialists to understand the challenges facing clinicians when caring for the most critical babies. 


Simple, flexible and precise

The Inspiration Air/Oxygen blender is a precision proportioning device for mixing medical grade air and oxygen, to any concentration from 21% to 100% oxygen and delivering it to a variety of respiratory care devices. To offer maximum flexibility, 
our blenders can be specified for either mounting on a pole or rail, with a variety of flow meters.

Customise your ventilator

Our SLE6000 multimode ventilator exclusively focuses on infants. Clinicians are able to customise their ventilators to the patient’s needs. The SLE6000 also supports our award winning OxyGenie® module, a responsive Automatic O2 controller for the SLE6000. Click here to find out more about OxyGenie®.

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