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Ensuring our products keep their quality

In the current climate, extending the life and clinical efficacy of your medical equipment is imperative. We offer a number of maintenance packages that can optimise the performance of your equipment, helping you deliver high quality patient care. 

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We can provide you with a choice of service packages based on your specific requirements, with service handled on-site and off-site.

Rapid Response

Our dedicated team of trained engineers and technicians are strategically placed across the UK, so they react in a moment’s notice, giving you piece of mind.

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Technical Support

Easy access to technical assistance, so we can manage your equipment emergencies quickly and effectively.

Our range of Preventative and Comprehensive Maintenance Packages offer the complete assurance against costly repairs or, lengthy delays in the event of equipment failure. 

Planned Preventative Maintenance Package Overview

  • One or two service visit per annum (as per the manufacturer’s recommendations) 
  • Calibration, verification, electrical safety tests carried out 
  • Non-routine interim visits 
  • Labour and travel time included 

For a full list of service packages on offer and our terms and conditions please contact us.
Inspiration healthcare products:  [email protected]
SLE products: [email protected] 

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